Employee Self Service

Employees gain up-to-date time and attendance, benefit, and schedule information
without waiting on Human Resources, managers, or supervisors.

Empower Your Employees

Employee Self Service (ESS) provides employees with convenient and secure
access to their attendance and benefit information. Employees can punch or enter
hours worked; transfer to different departments; access their schedule, benefit,
and archived time card information; request time off; enter expense information
and initiate a private message dialog with their manager.

Different Options Meet Different Needs

Different employees can have different ESS options. For example, hourly employees can have a
traditional time card with function keys for punching. Salaried employees can enter their hours by project.

Employees can punch, check schedules, review timecards, request time off, and leave a message with their supervisor. They can punch in and out in real time, and allocate hours to different projects

Anywhere Access

Put key information in the hands of your workforce. ESS can be used wherever employees have access to a company specific URL through the internet. They can use their desktop’s browser or a conveniently located and secure kiosk.

Security is provided by individual PINs that allow employees access to their own information. Access to functions can be restricted by network location. For example, employees can only punch in and out while on site, but can request leave both inside and outside the office.

Managing Employee Leave Requests

ESS simplifies and automates employee requests for time off. When a leave request is made, an email
alert is sent directly to the employee’s supervisor to begin the 
request review process. Supervisors and
managers have decision-making information 
at their fingertips.

Employees get an email response when a supervisor approves, denies, or changes the leave request.
Leave requests and their status can be viewed on the ESS 
calendar and the employee can delete a
previously submitted leave request. 
ESS leave requests fully integrate with your Attendance on
Demand management 
dashboard, eliminating paperwork and communicating essential information to
both the manager and employee.

Save Administrative Time and Effort

ESS reduces the cost of managing your workforce and enables your HR staff to focus on more strategic activities.
Use ESS to:
  • Reduce HR and management time spent on requests for archived time and attendance information.
  • Allow employees to review their own benefit usage and benefit balances.
  • Allow employees to request time off.
  • Eliminate the manual entry of timesheet information.
  • Allow employees to communicate with their supervisors by sending, receiving, and replying to messages.
  • Empower employees to take charge of updating their address and choosing their notification preferences.
  • Provide fast, simple, and flexible setup by allowing you to decide which features to make available to each employee.


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