IDpunch 9 Time Clock

Affordable time clock that takes a punch—and does more. For less.

Companies today are challenged by employee and management communication around everyday occurrences such as requesting and approving time off for a family event, identifying extra work shifts available, and even capturing service-related job information like tips received.

The IDpunch 9 tracks employee time and labor factors like these and more, for less. Less cost. Less installation time. Less training.

The IDpunch 9 time recorder is an easy-to-use time clock that employees use to punch In or Out and enter other time tracking information. Available with bar code or magnetic stripe readers, the time clock lets employees simply swipe their badge and go. Supervisors have labor management functions available right at the time clock.

Easy for Employees

Paper time cards, schedules, and vacation requests can get lost, misplaced, or just plain overlooked. The IDpunch 9 automates these processes, giving employees the confidence that their time and attendance information is properly recorded.

Employees can help themselves. They can review schedules and worked hours right at the time clock. Employees can also review available vacation time and request days off. Employees in service industries like restaurants and resorts can enter tip information at the clock capturing this important information at the end of their shift rather than days later.

Efficient for Supervisors

Managers and supervisors are busy people, and tracking employee time isn’t their only job. The IDpunch 9 streamlines tasks like preventing employees from punching In too soon or punching Out too late. This helps to control unapproved overtime.

Supervisors can add missing employee punches, credit paid sick days, and add employee work schedules by using one of the clock’s function keys. In short, supervisors get more done in less time and, they have an automated audit trail to document their actions.

Cost Effective for Your Organization

Automating timekeeping reduces payroll errors and enforces your company’s pay rules. The IDpunch 9 tracks employee time and attendance information that can aid in record-keeping to minimize compliance-related risks. Compact, durable, and low cost—the IDpunch 9 can be located throughout your facility wherever a network drop is available. Simply plug into a power outlet and Ethernet port.

The IDpunch 9 is flexible, using either industry leading “HTTP Push” technology to send punches to the cloud-based Attendance on Demand time and attendance system, or it can be polled by the license-based Attendance Enterprise system.

Intuitive and Powerful Time and Attendance Features, Affordable Price




The IDpunch 9 confirms an employee punch.

Employees use the IDpunch 9 to take care of their time using features like:

  • Reviewing pay period work hours

  • Previewing work schedules

  • Reviewing vacation, sick time, and other time off bank balances

  • Submitting a vacation request

  • Entering tips when applicable, for example, wait staff or other service employees

  • Transferring to a different department


Supervisors use the IDpunch 9 to manage employee time using features like:

  • Adding a punch

  • Crediting hours or dollars

  • Adding schedules

  • Enabling and lifting restrictions for punching

  • Reviewing employee information and their punches

  • Entering tips

  • Transferring employees to a different department or work group

  • Approving time off requests


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