Verify Employee Location

Improved visibility into the whereabouts of employees—managers can adopt a “trust but verify” approach to remote and mobile employees, verifying employee location by looking at a map after the employee punches and taking action when necessary.

The Employee Notification and Response (ENR) process creates a closed loop communication between participants (for example, employee and supervisor) in the labor management activities. It engages participants in a systematic process to receive notifications, resolve exceptions, and make responses.

The following diagram illustrates the process through the various activities Event, Notification, Engagement, and Final Response.

In the ENR process, time card triggers are used to automatically initiate the start of the process when specific searched conditions take place. Time Card Triggers are used for monitoring time card related conditions, such as system initiated exceptions (For example, missing punches). A notification, for example email, can be distributed immediately or on a scheduled date and time when an event occurs. The corresponding engagement created between the employee and supervisor from this notification drives the completion of this closed loop communication.

The video below will give a brief demonstration of the Notification and GPS options.

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