How Will You Manage ACA Tracking and Reporting Obligations?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) presents employers with significant challenges. Organizations must eventually offer insurance to full-time employees or pay sizeable penalties.

You need employee hours tracking and reporting you can count on today. 

Reliable Business Technology can assist with:

  • Detailed Applicable Large Employer statistics
  • Part-time and seasonal staff level management
  • Employee full-time status determination and management
  • Employee status change history, reports, and audits

Minimize Penalties, Manage Cost

The program details monthly full-time and full-time equivalent (FTE)
calculations and averages your yearly employee count. It even identifies
seasonal employees and their contribution to employee totals, so you can
evaluate your company’s large employer status. Understanding this helps
you determine if the employer mandate applies to you.


Manage Variable-Hour Employees

Employers are carefully planning their full-time and part-time staffing strategies, and in industries with variable-hour workforces—such as retail, hospitality, and healthcare—this burden is significant. This program automates complex formulas for employee full-time status determination. It applies employee measurement periods, determines service hour averages, and recommends status designations for your employees. Attendance Enterprise automatically manages new employees with initial measurement periods.

Gain Control of Employee Status

Scheduling difficulties, unanticipated demand, and employee absences can cause shift changes that easily, and often unknowingly, transition a part-time employee’s status to full time. With this program, you are alerted in real-time when employees approach the full-time threshold and can make adjustments before status changes occur. This helps reduce regulatory consequences and the cost of added employee health benefits. Comprehensive, easy-to-understand views of employee status are readily available. Supervisors have the right information to make the right decision and gain control of ACA employee status. You no longer need to rely on after-the-fact reporting that is too late for taking action.

Reliable Reports and Recordkeeping

Accurate and easily accessible information is critical for reporting and responding to audits. It archives employee weekly and monthly service hour averages and employee status edits. This gives employers the information needed to quickly respond to inquiries and compliance audits.

Penalties... Audits...

It Can Really Add Up Since compliance with the ACA mandate is administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), employers must be prepared for not only traditional wage and hour audits, but also IRS audits. Smart employers are taking charge of their ACA obligation by measuring and managing their workforce today with Reliable Business Technology.

Hope is Not a Valid Strategy! Get Visual ACA today.