Time and Attendance for Long Term Healthcare

Does the challenge of scheduling the right number of RNs, LPNs, and medical assistants cost you overtime or cause understaffing problems? Do you worry that your facilities are not in compliance with Federal and State requirements or professional standards for caregiver-to-patient ratios?

Attendance on Demand
is a cloud-based solution
with full capabilities
for labor management,
scheduling, timekeeping,
and automating
recordkeeping for labor
law compliance.

Improving patient care while reducing labor costs is the primary goal in Long Term Healthcare. You can automatically leverage your skilled workforce by monitoring patient census data and anticipating the care providers required, by job type, for a full 28-day schedule. Attendance on Demand software detects employee absences and suggests replacement employees with equivalent certifications and hours available. Schedule adjustments are quick, easy, and reduce overtime costs.

Reliable Business Technology knows that patient care is important. Tools for staffing coordinators, managers, administrators, and payroll/HR take away the burden of manual calculations and staff scheduling. Errors are eliminated and processes can be audited to ensure compliance with important patient-focused regulations.

Streamlined Scheduling for the Staffing Coordinator

Staffing coordinators face the challenge of effectively anticipating and scheduling workforce for care providers. Attendance on Demand can help by providing:

  • Useful 28-day schedules to post

  • Easy scheduling and compliance with mandated labor ratios of nurses to patient

  • At-a-glance view of employees working now and those who are scheduled to work

  • Simple method for selecting available replacement staff with similar skills and certifications

Tools for Managers

We help managers responsible for tracking time and attendance for a group of employees. Easy-to-use dashboards cut through the paperwork and present only the information that requires immediate attention. For example, the Director of Nursing can quickly perform time card edits, authorize time cards, and access scheduling views and reports for any date range.

The VisualACA component eliminates guesswork and handles the complex calculations required for IRS and Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A built-in feature saving administrators time and worry—such as hours worked at specific jobs and employee status (full- or part-time, exempt or non-exempt).

Administrative and Facility Oversight

We help facility administrators minimize unnecessary labor expense. Administrators need tools for monitoring performance across shifts, floors, and facilities; analysis of ratio and census data; and financial reporting. We help by:

  • Reducing overtime while assuring proper staffing levels
  • Controlling the budget using labor and census data
  • Automating State, Federal, and ACA compliance reporting
  • Analyzing overtime cost and relationships
  • Measuring labor cost efficiencies

Improving Payroll and HR Processes

Payroll managers often perform both payroll functions and human resources duties by maintaining employee data. We let payroll managers perform the functions necessary for accessing all employees, processing payroll, and maintaining company-wide information. Payroll managers benefit from:

  • Reduced time spent processing payroll
  • Fewer payroll errors
  • Quick access to important employee data
  • Seamless integration with Payroll and HR systems
  • Alerts for probation periods, certification expirations, training dates and FMLA

Immediate Return for Long Term Healthcare Facilities

Ensuring that the right people are scheduled at the right time is imperative for patient care and well-being.With RBT and Attendance on Demand, your labor costs reduces so your organization can focus on providing the quality care your patients deserve.

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