Leave Management

Is your business managing employee time off requests fairly, accurately, and efficiently?

The Attendance Enterprise Leave Management module automates employee time off requests, eliminating paperwork while improving the communication of essential information to both the manager and the employee. Enhanced communication means improved employee relations.

Essential for Managers

Leave Management helps to maintain coverage and ensure productivity while honoring employee leave requests. Supervisors can easily compare same day requests, analyze departmental schedules and coverage, and assess pending and scheduled leave for the employee. The leave approval view makes it easy.

Essential for Employees

Easy for Employees Employee Self Service lets employees check their balances and see if co-workers are already taking time off.

To make a leave request:

  • Employees simply press a function key and make a few quick selections. 
    They can even include a note to their supervisor.
  • Employees see the status of their leave requests in Employee Self Service.
  • Employees receive an email when a request is approved, changed, or denied.

Communication is the Key

The Leave Management module provides dashboard and
email communication throughout the leave request and
approval process.

  • Employees can check whether co-workers are scheduled
    off before they request leave in Employee Self Service.
  • Employees click a button to make a leave request and can
    include a note to the supervisor.
  • Supervisors get dashboard and email notification of leave
  • Supervisors see leave balances and department coverage
    information when evaluating leave requests.
  • Supervisors click a button to approve, deny, or change the
    leave request and can include a note to the employee.
  • Employees get notification of request approval, denial, or
    changes through email and Employee Self Service.
  • Approved leave is added to the employee’s schedule.


  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Improve communication
  • Enhance employee-management relations

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