Time and Attendance for Hospitality

Do you struggle to match staffing levels with guest occupancy, banquet attendance, or other events? Does your management team have immediate access to labor information for monitoring key performance indicators for your property?

Attendance on Demand
is a hosted time and
attendance system with
full capabilities for labor
management, scheduling,
timekeeping, accruals,
incidents, budgets, and

Balancing customer care with staff levels in various service areas is critical to property management companies and independent hotel owners. Attendance on Demand helps hospitality companies achieve profitability and minimize labor costs, such as unplanned overtime, while maintaining service levels that earn customer loyalty and repeat business. Attendance on Demand provides:

  • Tools to match labor costs to demand
  • Dashboards for easy editing and workflow management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Accurate, automated, pay rules
  • Improved communication between management and staff
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing to accommodate seasonality

Tools to Match Labor Cost to Demand

Attendance on Demand helps you match staffing levels with guest volume and upcoming events to control variable costs. Because labor can easily be the most costly element in your budget, it is imperative to have comprehensive tools for scheduling, attendance management, and reporting. Attendance on Demand allows your organization to tightly schedule and respond to any immediate or upcoming changes in staffing needs.

Dashboards for Easy Editing

Attendance on Demand provides customized dashboards for supervisors and managers. Items that need management attention are highlighted so that timely action can be taken. Other important real-time data is summarized and details are just a click away. A complete audit trail is maintained for any changes to employee
time cards or employment data.

Accurate, Automated Pay Rules

Attendance on Demand automates your organizations pay rules and accurately calculates gross payroll. Rate changes, departmental or job transfers, or on-call and shift premiums are all handled. Integration with HR and payroll is seamless.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reports crafted especially for hospitality are available at both high level and detailed views. Many reports are accessed directly from, or exportable to, Microsoft Excel. With reports:

  • CEO or CIO can track key performance indicators such as Payroll Over Revenue (POR) or Cost Per Occupied Room (CpOR)
  • HR can track employee employment information or compliance adherence
  • Payroll can quickly review hours and dollars by department, brand, temporary agency, location, or job function
  • Shift managers can easily access printable schedules, time cards, and statistics focused only on their employees

Clear Communication with Staff

Employees benefit from anytime 24/7 access to their schedules, time cards (before, during, and after the pay period), time off balances, and personal employment information. In addition, employees can make time off requests from Employee Self
Service. Transparency and open access to information builds stronger employer–employee relations. Employees can also use Employee Self Service to enter important performance related data such as rooms cleaned or tip amounts, capturing this information immediately rather than after the fact. At the end of the pay period, employees can indicate acceptance of their time cards making the process paperless.

Pay As You Go

Pay only for the services you use with Attendance on Demand. The monthly rate is directly tied to the number of employees managed in the system. This lowers monthly overhead costs and helps your organization accommodate fluctuating employee counts, seasonal or event staffing, or organizational alignment changes. Your monthly labor costs are predictable and can be managed effectively with Attendance on Demand.

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